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My name is Jerri Aubry, and I have several books in print. When I was a child, I read every book that I could get my hands on. By the time I was 12, I began writing poetry, and short stories. I dreamt about being a writer, and knew that I would continue writing. After entering college, I took a creative writing course, and wrote a few pieces that were chosen to represent the college at a symposium for talented writers . When I was obtaining my BA in Psychology, I took a children's literature course, and again was writing. I wrote a lot over the years, enough to fill many books. I read many different kinds of books, and my favorite being horror. Stephen King is my favorite author, and I always dreamed one day I would write a good horror book. I haven't done this yet, however, I have written a few mystery novels. I live with my husband and two boys in Northern California enjoying the sunshine with my five fur kids. Three purrrfect kitties and two weinie dogs. You can find me writing, reading, or laughing with friends.


I happen to wear many hats, meaning I am not just an author but also a healer or sorts. I am a crystal healer and Reiki Master. I also read the future in tarot and have just earned my certification as an angel card reader from Doreen Virture and Radleigh Valentine. Look for me coming to a local Barnes and Nobles to do mini readings. If interested in that side of me check out my site at www.touchofspirithealing.com


I am also a blogger and blog on here, but also at www.jerriaubry.blogspot.com


"The toughest thing a writer can endure, is the fear of stepping out of their comfort zone and make their dreams come true!"

Jerri Aubry

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