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Smoking is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Even though it is dangerous, people cannot find ways of quitting, because of the addiction that is associated with nicotine.


Are you tired of feeling frustrated from unsuccessful attempts at quitting? I was that person 10 years ago.


After working with the addiction population and my extensive experience with  addiction , I came up with a program that worked for those who couldn't quit, "Cold Turkey."


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This was my hardest day next to beginning the writing of this book. When I walked into her room she was lying flat in her bed and her eyes were open and moving back and forth.

She did not respond to me even when I squeezed her hand. I told her how much I loved her and how she could now leave.

I told her that I was ready to let her go and that I no longer needed her. I told her to please go and be with her family and to be in a place of peace and beauty.

I told her to go with her mom and my brother. I knew they would be there for her and that day she went to them.

The home called me around 5:15 pm that night and left a message. I got off work fifteen minutes later. I knew it would be coming but it still didn’t prepare me for the loss of someone so special to me.

I was tongue tied and didn’t know what to say. The nurse kept telling me that she was sorry for my loss, and I couldn’t say anything.

Finally when she asked me what I wanted done with her I was able to tell her to call the funeral home, and they would come and get her body.

I hung up the phone and collapsed in my husband’s arms. He held me for the rest of the night while I cried about losing my mom. It hurt worst than I could have ever imagined.

The horse whinnied loudly and reared up, and almost knocked me over. I used all my weight to pull it back to the ground, and  hollered for Thomas to come and help me.

Thomas ran over to me, and grabbed the one side. The horse began stomping its feet and trying to rear up, and it knocked me over onto the ground. When its front legs came down it landed on my stomach.

I couldn’t breath and I passed out lying there on the wet ground with rain pelting my raincoat. Thomas let go of the horse and picked me up running for the front door.

“MA, PA come quick!” he yelled as he carried me out to the pick up truck. He laid me down in the backseat and Pa should up. “What happened, “ he asked.

“There is a loose horse at the back of the house and we were trying to get a hold of it when it reared up, and kicked her out of the way. She fell to the ground and when the horse came down from its rear it landed on her and knocked her out.”

“Oh my god where did it hit her with its feet?” “On her stomach and chest area,” he told them. Ma ran down the stairs and out to the truck. She climbed in the back and put my sister’s head on her lap.

Pa climbed into the driver’s seat. “Thomas you go and do all the shutters, and get the barn prepared for the storms. Call the Jensen’s and tell them one of their horses is loose and that it injured Frances. We are taking her to the hospital.”

Pa started up the engine and Thomas ran for the house and bounded up the stairs. Pa drove us to the hospital. Ma was crying and rubbing my hair with her hand. “What happened?” she asked Pa.

“She got hurt by one of the Jensen’s horses. I wish they would keep their horses home.” “She won’t wake up!”

“She will be ok let’s just get her to the hospital to find out what has happened,” Pa said while staring out the window. The wind was blowing the truck all over the road.

It began pouring rain and the pick up went through a large puddle of water, and slid off the road, and landed in the mud. The tires sank as soon as the tires hit the mud.

Pa spun the tires to get out but all they did was spin. He hopped out of the truck and ran around looking at the tires. We were five miles from the hospital.

“She is bleeding!” Ma screamed. “We need to get her to the hospital!” she said with urgency. “I know and we will but you need to calm down,” Pa told her.

Ma was bawling while she wiped away the blood that was draining from my nose. Ma got out of the vehicle and flagged down the first car she saw.

The car began to slow but then sped up. The rain soaked her and she stood out there with the wind ripping through her clothes. It was cold.

Pa hopped into the back of the pickup digging through the stuff. He found some strips of rubber to use to get unstuck. He jumped down and placed them in front of the tire.

He ran around the truck and hopped into the driver’s seat and stepped on the gas. The truck lurched forward and began moving along the side of the road.

He drove it up onto the tar and then jumped out and put the rubber strips back into the back of the truck. Ma got back into the back seat.

Pa sped to get us to the hospital. When he pulled onto Tremont Street there was a fallen tree lying across the road. Pa jumped out and attempted to move it but was unsuccessful.

He kept trying to pull it and it wouldn’t budge. On the other side was a truck that had crashed into it. We were just a few blocks from the hospital.

Pa opened the back door and told Ma to get out. He pulled my lifeless body out of the truck and he carried me to the hospital with Ma following behind.

The rain was pouring down and the wind was blowing and you couldn’t see that well. Pa walked as fast as he could to the hospital.

We bounded around the corner and you could see the front of the hospital. It wasn’t a very big hospital then there wasn’t that many people who lived in this small town.


It was dark and I couldn’t see anything. I was scared. Frightened more than I had ever been. Whispers heard coming from the closet. I squinted my eyes to see the door of the closet was ajar. I pulled up the covers to my nose. Only my big brown eyes looked out over the covers to see the darkness protruding behind the door.

I was unable to understand what they were whispering because my heart was pounding to loud. I started to shake in fear. My mom was on the first floor and the door was closed at the bottom of the stairs. I knew she would not hear my screams as I hollered out for help.

I wanted to run across the floor and shut the door thinking that it would keep whoever they were in the closet. I was frozen in fear sitting up on my bed looking, no, starring without a blink at the closet door. I swear I saw it move. “Was it opening?” I was only six years old. I didn’t know what to do.

I just sat there trying to make sense of it all in my six-year-old brain. My younger brother was in the next bedroom over from mine. I thought about running into his room but was fearful that I would not make it out of the room alive. So I stayed and sat there for a few hours watching the door and listening to them whisper to each other.

My mind raced with what was happening. I didn’t understand it all. I was too young to really know what was happening.

I just knew I could hear them whispering every night from the darkest of depth of night. I delved into the nightmare of nightmares of my life.        

I sat there shivering with the blankets pulled up. I didn’t dare move for they could be anywhere in my room. I tried to see around my room but it was blackest of black.

I normally could see an illuminated light from a streetlight that hung on the corner of my street. It had gone out days ago and rendered my room the deepest black hole that I could not see around.

It was so scary to lie down to fall to sleep only to be rendered awake in a panicked state because of these beings that were in my closet.


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